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When you’ve been charged with a crime, your whole world is upside down. Your freedom is on the line. Jerrytone Law knows that your freedom is one of your most valuable assets. Don’t let it get taken away. Trust the attorneys at Jerrytone Law to provide you with skillful, aggressive, and effective representation.

When you’re charged with a crime or multiple crimes, you’re likely to be overwhelmed, scared, and confused. You’ll worry about your future, possible time in jail, what your friends and family will think, and how your loved ones will be provided for.

Most times, multiple charges are filed against an individual as a deterrent against criminal activity. The district attorney’s office will pursue these charges to the fullest extent of the law which is why you need effective representation.

Call Jerrytone Law today for a free legal consultation to discuss your options for presenting an effective defense to fight for your rights and help secure your freedom.

                                           Skillful and Aggressive

Whether you wish for us to negotiate with the prosecutor for lesser charges or you want to fight for your freedom in a court of law, we’ll provide you with a greater understanding of the options available so you have the best perspective of your case.

Here at Jerrytone Law we’ll discuss potential strategies and tactics to get you the best possible resolution of the charges that you face, but ultimately, the decision rests with you. By choosing Jerrytone Law you can choose to take an active role in your case and we will champion your efforts. Each case is unique and each client as well. Different people have different needs and goals . At Jerrytone Law we respect your wishes and will fight aggressively to get you the outcome you desire and pursue the legal course of action you need. By providing you with a thorough analysis of the circumstances surrounding your case, you will have a better understanding of what is to come and you can be ready for the preparation that is necessary to fight your case.

                                                   We're Here For You

By providing you with a better understanding of the law, procedures, and how your case will progress, it relieves some of the confusion and frustration of being charged with a crime. It helps you to actively participate in the planning of your defense, and helps you and your lawyer to build a strong and trusting relationship. That is what Jerrytone Law is all about. We don’t just build cases; we build relationships with our clients that last a lifetime. 

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